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Home Inspector

Home Inspections

Our range of home inspection services includes inspections of the home foundation, roofing, siding, complete wind migrations, green energy, and WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms), etc. We inspect the entire home ranging from the electrical and plumbing systems to the mechanical aspects of the inside and outside of the home.


Home inspections allow homeowners to have peace of mind. By choosing us, you will learn what to look for when purchasing a home, how to maintain the home over the years, and even how to get remedies for any issues that might exist within the home.

We will provide a report (including high-resolution photos) that highlights and describes what you're looking at in order to make it easier to converse and negotiate.

Garage Inspections

If you have an unattached one-car garage, we'd be happy to include it as part of the inspection. We will conduct a thorough inspection, looking for mechanical failures, checking the roofing, looking at the foundation, and searching for damage, mold, rot, water intrusion, and more.


  • Healthier Homes
  • Improved Condition Inside the Property
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Security & Safety
  • Peace of Mind

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Rely on us to inspect your potential home for termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and any other kind of insects that destroy wood. You'll have real peace of mind knowing that you are buying an un-infected home.

Pre-Listing Inspections

When a seller is looking to sell their home the seller can do a pre-listing inspection. It helps the seller to fix possible problems prior to listing it, as well as helping to speed up the cost of already having a licensed inspection.

Return After Remedies

When there are any issues with the home and the seller fixes them, the buyer will ask us to come back and reevaluate the problem before finalizing the agreement for purchasing the home. If there are not any issues, we can also reduce the time needed to sell the home.

Deferred Cost: Call For Quote

Rely on us to learn more about future replacements and to understand your home better. Call for a quote today. This service includes:

  • Water Heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Air Conditioners
  • Roofs
  • Foundations

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